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  Zack Smith

Best known for his work with the Dixie Power Trio (since 1992 8 CDs), Zack has been a full-time professional trumpet player since graduating from the University of North Texas in 1986.  His writing credits include a jazz articulation instructional book for high school and college big bands, and a number of works for big bands, brass ensembles, and even orchestra.  The Beltway Brass Quintet is a project he began in 2003, with the help of Chas T. Peterson, and performs in the Washington, DC metro area.

  Chas T. Peterson

Fellow North Texas classmate Chas migrated to DC shortly after his old pal Zack.  He's also a member of Quintessential Brass Repertoire and plays a wide variety of gigs around town.  He has written numerous brass quintet & trio arrangements, and can also be heard on the QBR CD, a couple of big band CDs, a gospel CD, and his own solo album.

  Kevin Grasel

Kevin is a hornist in the US Air Force Band, where he plays regularly at Arlington Cemetery, the White House, and venues throughout the DC region.  Before his career in the Air Force, Kevin earned degrees from Oberlin and Juilliard.  Although Kevin was told at a young age that the horn is not a jazz instrument, he likes to give it a go anyway with the Beltway Brass Quintet.

  Dan "Big Daddy" Haverstock

Dan has worked as a freelance jazz trombone player for about 30 years in the DC/Baltimore region.  Along with countless show and variety bands, he has performed many times with the Dixie Power Trio and as part of the New Line Brass Band.  He has been a regular member of the Zemer Orchestra in Baltimore, and is the leader of the Black Sombrero Brass the world's foremost Herb Alpert repertory ensemble.

  Tom Holtz

Tom is a retiree of "the President's Own" United States Marine Band in Washington, DC.  Since he's not playing high-profile concerts at the White House or Sousa marches in parades anymore, he keeps busy with Dixieland bands and other groups that need a great tuba bass line.  Tom studied music at Arizona State University.

  Other Members and Favorite Subs

Christian Hinkle - Trumpet
Rob Vetter - Trumpet
Chris Erbe - Trumpet
Dan Orban - Trumpet
Merry Beth Hall - French Horn
Kent Baker - French Horn
Jason Ayoub - French Horn
Roger Whitworth - French Horn
Lisa Maloney - French Horn
Doug Quinzi - French Horn
Joe Jackson - Trombone
Harry Watters - Trombone
Todd Baldwin - Trombone
Ben Polk - Trombone
Andy Kochenour - Tuba
Jan Duga - Tuba
Bill Gray - Tuba
Allen Hall - Tuba
Gary Carper - Tuba
Willie Clark - Tuba
Karl Hovey - Tuba
DC Washington - Vocal
Byron McWilliams - Drums
Andy Hamburger - Drums
Steve Rosenheim - Drums
Anders Eliasson - Drums

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